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Blogging Tips

Updated: Jan 4, 2018


You can format blog posts - just select your text and use the pop-up menu to format it as




  • bullets and numbered lists


You can also add images and videos to your posts using the "camera" and "video" icons at the bottom of the editing window.

Images & Videos

You can customise the look of your videos and images. Make them widescreen or small and change the layout. You have complete control of how your post will look on desktop and mobile.

Paragraph Alignment

You can align your paragraphs left, right or center and place them to the right or left of your images.

Subtitles & Quotes

Add subtitles to let readers easily skim longer posts or quotes to make your main messages stand out.


Adding subject-based hash-tags to your posts helps readers to find relevant content through the search button on the menu bar.


Use the "Choose Categories" button at bottom right to link your post to up to three categories. Categories are part of the blog design. If you want to suggest a new category, email


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