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Acceptable Use

This blog is a public space, so please keep your

posts respectful, friendly and positive.

We welcome all contributions and points of view and we think its OK to disagree, provided we don't resort to bad language, or insults.

The site administrator and / or writer of a blog post post reserve the right to delete blogs or comments which don't follow these acceptable use guidelines.

Do's and Don'ts

  1. Include links to more information if possible, especially evidence for what you are saying.

  2. Use pictures and videos to back up your point.

  3. Be open about who you are and if applicable, which organisation you represent (unless you have a good reason to hide your identity).

  4. Respect other people's privacy - don't post personal information without their consent.

  5. Respect other people's intellectual property - get permission if necessary and give credit for copyright information.

  6. Don't use bad language, or terms which minority groups could find offensive.

Our Values

CANWM has a constitution, which includes these values. You don't have to agree with all of them, but they show what we think is important:

"CANWM members are aware that:

  • Humanity is part of life and the eco-systems which sustain life

  • We need to live in a way which values and protects life

CANWM members support:

  • Fairness and justice, especially for the growing number of victims of climate change, locally and globally

  • Equality

  • Community and cooperation

In campaigning for a fossil-free future, CANWM will be:

  • Non-violent and non-aggressive

  • Caring and supportive

  • Open and inclusive

  • Active

  • Positive

  • Democratic

  • Rational, using the evidence about causes and effects of climate change

  • Pragmatic (not dogmatic) and applying the “precautionary principle” where evidence is not clear

If you'd like a copy of the CANWM constitution, please email us at


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