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Useful Resources

Effective action on climate change depends on understanding why its happening, what the effects are and what we can do about it.  Here are a few resources which should help. To add your favourites, let us know the details through the feedback page.

Books etc.

The Burning Question.  Why we mustn't burn 4/5 of known fossil reserves and what to do about it. Essential reading.

Controlling Climate Change. Detailed online book by Bert Metz, ex co-chair of the IPCC.

Transition Companion.  Detailed how-to guide for local communities adopting the Transition Town model.

Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air. Very detailed ebook (2008) on migration to zero carbon by David MacKay.

The Winning of the Carbon War.  Jeremy Leggett's book on energy politics.  Free sample downloads.

Films and other media, including You Tube, Vimeo etc.

James Hansen TED Talk.  A hero of the climate campaign.  Worth 18 minutes of your time.

Disruption, the movie.  Campaign film.  Scary and inspiring in equal measure.  Our generation is carrying the can.

Carbon Footprint of Everything.  30 min YouTube version of the book "How Bad are Bananas".

This Changes Everything.  YouTube record of Naomi Klein book tour event in Oxford, Oct/2014.

Wake up, Freak Out, Get a Grip.  12min movie about climate "tipping points" - why 2 degree rise is the maximum.

Do the Math.  Another get-you-off-the sofa movie.

GCSE level slides on Climate Change.  Useful secondary education resource.

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