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Teaching Resources

Transform Our World is from Global Action Plan. Mostly covers UN model of sustainability but with some climate change material.

Climate Breakdown – Scheme of Work
Title: "Climate Breakdown: Do we have 12 years to stop irreversible climate change?"
14 lessons / 7 weeks for year 10 with supporting videos. Paul Turner (the author) is keen to share and have feedback.  Here's a link to the resources:

and here are supporting videos:

Earth Systems Digital Lab.  Interactive exploration of the major earth systems including climate and biosphere.  The site includes a parents guide.  


Earth Labs provides a range of climate / earth science teaching materials (USA).  

Example lesson plan for dynamic earth systems modelling:  

Earth Systems science teaching materials:   and   and 


Data sets and visualisation for Earth as an interconnected system (free registration required).  


Worksheets and lesson ideas to challenge students aged 11 to 16 to think hard about the structure of the Earth, rocks, global warming and the changing atmosphere (GCSE and Key Stage 3)


Interactive simulation of the greenhouse effect for science education 

Lesson materials on climate change from NASA / JPL 


Interactive climate modelling tool. "En-ROADS” supports discussions / learning about climate policy options (for older students).  This free policy simulator provides the ability to explore the likely consequences of energy, economic growth, land use, and other policies and uncertainties.  The simulation is based on the best available science, and has been calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment, climate and energy models. 

Global Learning Programme.  Teaching materials on a wide range of topics including sustainability and climate change.

Book:  A People's Curriculum for the Earth (2014). Published by "Rethinking Schools" (USA).  a collection of articles, role plays, simulations, stories, poems, and graphics to help breathe life into teaching about the environmental crisis.

Googreads review here.

Article from PSHE Association on climate change and the curriculum

Oxfam Climate Teaching Resources for 11-14.  Includes activities and materials linked to curricular areas including science, English and geography.

If you know of any other useful ideas and resources, please let us know.

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