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Fair-Free Public Transport!

Treating the sick, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, protecting NHS staff and other workers as part of fighting the pandemic are the current priorities. To look at the wider social situation without these sentiments at the forefront of our minds would be misplaced.

However, it would also be misplaced to avoid looking at the wider picture after the pandemic lockdown ends. Out of the blue, and whether we like it or not, things have changed in an unprecedented way. We are having to learn to live in new ways and keep any unintended benefits of the lockdown - including cleaner air and safer, quieter streets.

Anyone interested in avoiding a return to filthy air and traffic gridlock after the virus is contained and overcome will be interested in this new campaign for Fare Free Public Transport (FFPT).

The core demand is for a radically improved public transport system, in Birmingham and across the West Midlands region. We would be following the pattern that is established in many other parts of the world. For background and inspiration, check these links:


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