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10:10's Carbon Crush Challenge: How to get around

This blog was written by Alice Bell of the organisation 10:10 who set up the Carbon Crush Challenge which sets challenges each month for individuals to reduce their carbon consumption. 10:10 aims to promote positive practical action to tackle climate change.

We are sharing it with you on our blog. You can sign up to the carbon crush challenge too here:

If we're going to tackle climate change, we need to rethink how we move ourselves around the planet.

Something you can do

Think about how you plan to move yourself around this year. Find some excess carbon you don't really need. And cut it.

If your commute is doable by bike, why not give it a whirl? Cyclescheme have some great tips to beat the commuter blues.

If you're thinking of flying, the best thing you can do is try not to. This isn't always an option, and there are good reasons to fly. Still, it remains one of the more harmful things you can do to the planet. Loco2 have a great guide to nabbing cheap train tickets in the UK and Europe.

Level up and go social

Why not be a bike buddy? If you know how to fix your bike, then offer to run a bike-fixing skillshare at lunchtime at work. You can also offer to help plan routes with friends and colleagues, and go out on a few group rides to help build confidence.

Level up and think structural

Maybe you'd love to cycle to work, but there just aren't safe routes near you. If so, bug your local politicians. Look out for consultations about new cycle routes in your area and fill them in.

You can also ask your mayors, councillors and MPs what they're doing to help our trains and buses quit oil. Last year, the Chinese city of Shenzhen electrified its entire fleet of public buses - all 16,359 of them. If they can do it, we can too - so let's get moving here!

When it comes to flying, a group called Fellow Travellers point out it's only a small number of people who are taking most of the flights. And yet, we're all taxed the same. They suggest we push for a fairer system that taxes people according to how often they fly.

One more thing you can do is to insist climate change is mentioned when politicians and the media discuss building or extending airports. It's amazing how often that seems to slip their minds...

Remember, one of the most powerful things you can do to take action on climate change is get other people involved too. So why not see if one or more of your friends will join you in the challenge too?


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