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10:10's Carbon Crush Challenge: To reduce your energy use

This blog was written by Alice Bell of the organisation 10:10 who set up the Carbon Crush Challenge which sets challenges each month for individuals to reduce their carbon consumption. 10:10 aims to promote positive practical action to tackle climate change.

We are sharing it with you on our blog. You can sign up to the carbon crush challenge too here:

British homes are some of the leakiest in Europe. We spend a small fortune each winter on heat which simply escapes through our windows, doors, walls and floors. It amounts to a massive carbon bomb too - heating is behind about a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions. About half of that is used to heat space and water in homes.

Something you can do

We've got five easy, no-cost tricks to make the most of your home heating. And when you've tried those, here's another five.

Have a light bulb moment. If you haven't switched to LED lightbulbs, do it now - you could seriously cut your lighting bill, as well as save carbon. Pledge to do it with us, and we'll give you a 10% discount off bulbs from LED hut to get you started.

Level up and go social

Switching to LED at home will save you money and cut some carbon. But collectively, a nationwide drive to switch homes, street lighting and offices to LED could save us more than two Hinkley nuclear plants' worth of electricity.

So help someone else switch. Then get your workplace to switch. Then find out if your local street lights have gone LED yet, and if not, email your councillors.

Level up and think structural

Everyone doing a bit of basic draught-busting is a good first step, but if we really want to tackle how much energy British homes are wasting, we need our politicians to take action on housing regulations and invest in energy efficiency.

Help push this up the political agenda by writing to your MP to ask what they are doing to fight for action against cold homes. You might consider looking into housing campaigns too, like joining a local renters group.

Remember, one of the most powerful things you can do to take action on climate change is get other people involved too. So why not see if one or more of your friends will join you in the challenge too?


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