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School Climate Champions Project

Secondary Schools Acting on the Climate Emergency


Our 2019 / 2020 Further, Faster Together project, supported by The National Lottery, aims to develop a West Midlands network of informed and empowered young people, schools and families.  Each school by itself has limited capacity to act on climate.  Working together, we can achieve far more.


Passionate and committed young people have generated huge support for action on the Climate Emergency in 2019.  They have helped drive several City Councils and the West Midlands Combined Authority to declare a Climate Emergency.


However not every student, school or parent can support direct action such as “Fridays for the Future”.  To engage many more schools, students and families, we will help grow and support a network of local “climate champions”.  We are working with climate campaigners, teachers and other partners to co-design a network and supporting materials which will help many more students and schools to take action.


We aim to support secondary school students in years 8 to 10, before GCSEs become their main educational focus.  Our purpose is to encourage thinking and practical action about the transition to a sustainable future.  So the main curriculum links are to sciences, arts, geography, citizenship, critical thinking, and PSHE.  


We want to make it as easy as possible for students, their families and staff in each school to join the network and engage each school community in climate action.  Our growing list of resources and helpful organisations is in two parts:

  • Useful organisations and resources for whole-school projects are here.

  • Teaching resources and lesson plans for various age groups are here


If you know of any other useful ideas and resources, please let us know. If you want to join or help develop the network please email us at

How can you become a climate champion?

We ran a pilot champions course for students from seven West Midlands schools in January 2020.  Based on what we learned from students and their families, we are developing the course and will be testing the material again with other students and schools once the Covid-19 "lockdown" is over.   Future course dates and locations and a downloadable resources pack will be published on this page ASAP.

In the meantime, if you're a student, parent or teacher and want to get involved please email us at

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Home Schooling? - Try This!


While schools are closed, our friends at Youth Strike for Climate Birmingham have pulled together a great list of home schooling ideas related to climate change.  Activities for everyone from 0-18!

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