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How We Protect Your Data   

  1. Your privacy is important to us.

  2. We only collect enough data to help us communicate with you, such as your email address.

  3. To collect and store your data, we use reputable companies and services, including Wix (this web site), Google Analytics (web site performance), Google Mail and Google Drive, Mailchimp (mailing lists), Eventbrite (event bookings).

  4. CANWM also has accounts on Twitter and Facebook which may link to your account(s) on these services.

  5. We rely on these companies to keep your data secure and we believe that they will do that and comply with UK and international law on data protection.

  6. We will only keep your data for as long as necessary and if CANWM stops operating, your data will be deleted from all data stores.

  7. We will never share your data with anyone without your explicit permission.

  8. You can unsubscribe from the CANWM mailing list at any time.

  9. We cannot take responsibility for security settings in your internet connection, web browser, email software, social media accounts, etc.

  10. We advise you to use reputable and up-to-date security software and secure internet connections.

  11. Note that this web site uses cookies, unless you block them in your browser.

  12. We use up to date anti-virus software when we produce documents and images to share with you.

Please email if you have queries or concerns about data security.

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